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Some of these documents may requre your signature. You can either email, fax or mail to BWC. We are required to have a printed copy with your signature on record.


Client Update
May 27 2014

New ROES Version 8.2

On Tuesday, May 27th, 2014, an updated version of ROES v8 is being released for all customers currently on the new ROES. New and updated features/functions are:

Packages Updates:

- New drop down list is available when Packages is turned on via Packages button and a package is active to set quantity for overall package and each template it contains:
- Mouseover of a package in Favorites shows items in package and quantity of each;
- Mouse in crop area shows template label(s) and quantity set at top of each template:

- When Packages is on any change to existing item that is already a Favorite will notify user that the update can be saved. A new button , located to the right of the Add Favorite button will activate and pulse red to notify the user that the favorite can be saved with the updates

- Cart Edit Changes: individual templates inside a package cannot be removed nor have their quantity changed in the cart. Changes for quantity must be made in ordering pane before being addeed to the cart via the new drop down list (Packages must be turned on to access the drop down). If the quantity change is for that single add, user can choose to ignore the pulsing update button and move on to next desired product.
- Single items saved to Favorites with Packages on will prompt to save item as a Package or a single template via new dialog popup

A video of the new Packages usage is available here.

Other Updates:

- Switching between Sizes and Favorites remembers last group used in each pane's display
- Added spaces in text nodes, such as before/after text for spacing from edge of node, are recognized
- Fine image rotation control displays new field for slider value that allows for manual entry, such as reset to 0


January 2014  
Upgrade Alert


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File Preparation & Color Management


File Prep

Most all high volume photography done on location and in studio is shot in JPEG. We recommend Level 10 Standard JPEG. The 18 MB files from your JPEG camera mode will provide a great way to send images to the BWC for printing, but only use it for minimal opening, making changes and resaving. If this is done, there will be little visible changes in your output prints saving them as level 10 JPEG output.

BWC request prints be cropped to exact size with prints 11x14 and smaller and saved at 300PPI. Remember the proper aspect ratio. Our software will render your image, cropping from the center of the image out to the dimensions of the print. If you submit an image that is cropped to an 8x10 aspect ratio, a 5x7 or wallet produced from that file will have the sides cropped. Read more



When sending files to BWC it is required to have a color profile attached to each file. When files are sent not using this color space, we have no way to properly correct or print your files. This generally results in images that look muddy and flat in color. We strive to preflight most orders received but there will be times that the wrong profiles or no profile can cause a poor color issue. So let’s look at color settings.
Read more